Substitute Teacher Training Overview



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This training is specifically designed for substitute teachers and is aligned with state standards and required hours of content.

In the registration process, you will be selecting a certain number of courses listed in the Substitute Teacher Training Program. While these courses list a specific date, that date can be ignored, as it was the date the program opened. The courses are completely online and can be taken at your own pace.

Reference the list of training options below and expand each course for additional details.

Substitute Teaching - Sessions 1-3

 Length: 8 hours

The first three sessions of the training cover all fundamentals essential to substitute teachers including leadership, professionalism and ethics, legal obligations, skills assessment, stress management, diversity awareness, bullying prevention, and foundations of classroom management.

Substitute Teaching - Sessions 4 & 5

 Length: 2 hours

Classroom Management skills are critical to the success of substitute teachers. These sessions move beyond fundamentals to teach specific techniques for getting and keeping attention, watching an entire group at once, reducing and handling misbehavior, diffusing arguments, and fostering a positive classroom climate.

Substitute Teaching - Sessions 6 & 7

 Length: 6 hours

These sessions build upon concepts taught in Sessions 4 & 5. These In-Depth Extension sessions go into more depth and breadth on the classroom management concepts introduced previously, focusing on more specific tools and skills.

Substitute Teaching - Sessions 8 & 9

 Length: 2 hours

All schools have procedures in place for supporting students with special needs. Substitute teachers must understand these procedures, as well as the importance of taking a people-first approach to communication. Sessions cover common disorders as well as general strategies for working with students with special needs.

Substitute Teaching – Sessions 10 & 11

 Length: 2 hours

A good grasp of varying instructional strategies allows substitute teachers to properly differentiate and vary instruction to engage all learners. Includes organizational processes, brain-based learning techniques, questioning strategies, differentiated assessment, effective critique, and best practices in lesson planning.

Substitute Teaching – Sessions 12 & 13

 Length: 2 hours

Many students face special obstacles in their personal lives that place them at risk for engaging in behaviors that are self-harming. Caring adults like substitute teachers can play a pivotal role in guiding these youth toward positive choices and behaviors. Sessions include best practices, awareness, fundamental human needs, and academic considerations.

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